Case Study

Aperity, A 13 Year Overnight Success

Venture First properly positioned and prepared Aperity for an equity raise. Over the course of a few months, Venture First organized and built the necessary data room, fine tuned the financial model to see what this new strategy called for, designed a marketing deck to reflect their new strategy, and approached investors for investment discussions. Now, Venture First has helped the company successfully raise roughly half of the $1.5M that Aperity is seeking. Venture also assisted in making 3 new C Level hires – rounding out Aperity’s executive team from Silicon Valley and recent tech IPO’s.

The Need

Aperity has been a longtime client of Venture First and an even longer friend of the firm. Venture First was hired to organize and audit Aperity’s financials, and structure them in a financial position that optimized all the shareholder’s stake in the company. For years Aperity has been a stable, cash-flowing business. In 2018, CEO John Madalon had the vision to leverage AI to enable Data Exchanges between suppliers, distributors, and retailers. In the summer of 2019, John was ready to go to market on this exciting growth-oriented SaaS business. In order to do this, they needed to raise capital by selling equity.


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The Story

  • When first engaging with Venture First, Aperity was already a stable company that had witnessed financial success, that needed help with both CFO and Accounting services.
  • In 2019 Aperity decided to move quicker, raise money, and change into a rapid growth-oriented B2B SaaS business.
  • Venture First helped organize new hires, calculate key SaaS metrics, and assist the company in pitching its business to key investors.
John Madalon Teal

Venture First and their brilliant team provided both the financial and strategic leadership for Aperity’s next amazing chapters in life.

—John Madalon, CEO Logof2

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