Case Study

How CFO Services Helped EquiLottery Win Big

EquiLottery Games hired Venture First to audit and organize their internal financial processes. After only eight months as a partner, Venture First delivered a few key services including auditing their financials and contract agreements, structuring the financing round, building out their financial model, and organizing their data room.

The Need

EquiLottery Games was poised for significant growth after securing a technology patent, inking several partnerships, and running a successful pilot project. To deliver on the growth Brad promised his investors, he needed a partner to build out their internal accounting processes and provide strong financial services for future positioning.


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The Story

  • When hired, EquiLottery Games needed to move fast. Venture First quickly added a seasoned CFO professional to their team to help provide a thorough review of their financial history and provide deep financial modeling to help drive where they needed to go next.
  • The partnership led to several improvements in their accounting practices, including a QuickBooks integration which provided company-wide data transparency and led to several operational improvements.
  • After building their product, launching a successful pilot, and landing their first customer, EquiLottery Games engaged with Venture First to help them structure terms and engage in a pool of investors to fund their growth. Several investors came in within the first 6 months.
Brad Cummings

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Venture First. They sharpened our financial focus and built the internal structure we needed to prepare us for the next phase of growth.

—Brad Cummings, CEO Eql Grey

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