Outsourced CFO Services

Board & Shareholder Materials & Communication

Venture First helps client companies maintain clear communication with their investors and board members.

Building Rapport

Shareholders and board members don’t need to see day-to-day reports of the company, but they do need to see enough to understand the current status of the business. This helps the team identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities to make well informed decisions.

When it comes to raising capital down the road, your current investors are almost always going to be your most likely candidates. Keeping them continuously informed can help build rapport for future rounds, and regular financial updates ensures there are no surprises over any coming capital needs.

Why Venture First:

We work with investors and board members on a daily basis, whether it’s raising money for clients, organizing a fund, or communicating with our own investors, we know what key stakeholders want to see in communications with growing firms. We’ve prepared hundreds of reports for clients that cover everything from something as simple as QTD budget versus actual to more complicated customer acquisition analysis.

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