Few founders are as well known and engaged with Louisville's venture ecosystem as Alli Truttmann. Her direct-to-consumer brand, Wicked Sheets, pioneered the category of sweat-wicking and cooling bedsheets for a better night's sleep. But with the advent of COVID-19, her company has added a new product to the mix -- facemasks. She now manages a small army of sewers to meet the demand for both bedsheets and frontline PPE. 


What's the one skill every company builder should attempt to learn?

How to pitch every aspect of your business, confidently.


What's the hardest question to answer when it comes to scaling a company?

What is stopping _(some possible competitor)_ from just ripping you off? 
Easiest answer: Because we're already doing it. 


What separates a brand that people love from the rest?

Great customer service; fast and genuine.


Who should be more involved in our region's startup ecosystem?

Universities. And Angel Investors with checks larger than $25,000. 


Favorite Bourbon?

Old Forester 100 (right now :) 

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