By Stefan Kwiecinski

John Madalon is the founder and CEO of Aperity, a Louisville-based data-exchange for the fast-moving consumer goods category. Aperity's machine-learning and data-harmonization platform connects suppliers, distributors, retailers, and partners so they can make better inventory decisions and have a deeper insight into market demand.

As a longtime client of Venture First and a seasoned entrepreneur, a distilled interview with John was certain to happen.


What’s the one skill every company builder should attempt to learn?

How to build empowered teams you can trust when you grow.


What’s the hardest question to answer when it comes to scaling a company?

Predicting market response. Understanding market potential comes from experience. 


What’s the one thing you look for in every new hire?

Three things: Critical thinking, self-starter attitude, and team player


What’s the most overlooked need in Louisville’s startup ecosystem?

A better understanding of capital requirements and risk around tech investments


Favorite Bourbon?

Maker's Mark

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