Stacy is the CEO of El Toro, the fast growing ad-tech startup based in Louisville, KY. El Toro gives advertisers the ability to target their intended customer base by onboarding and matching CRM data with realtime IP address locations for true one-to-one marketing.

Prior to El Toro, Stacy served executive positions at AlignCloud, Cbeyond,, KForce, and others. As a seasoned company builder, his name is commonplace amongst the greater Louisville startup ecosystem.

What’s the one skill every company builder should attempt to learn?

Listen, most people listen to respond – listen to understand.

What’s the hardest question to answer when it comes to scaling a company?

When to say no, high growth requires high focus.

Why Louisville?

Louisville is affordable, friendly and where I live.

How do you decide what needs to be done for the day?

Make a list, set goals and then start achieving them.

Favorite Bourbon?

Bourbon = Elijah Craig 23, Whiskey = Thomas Handy Rye

Cureveball: Is humanity a creator or destroyer of worlds?

Thanos destroys worlds, humanity saves them.

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