By Stefan Kwiecinski

Steve is the CEO of Capture Higher Ed, the Louisville-based company that develops marketing platforms and services for higher education institutions. Through powerful automation and AI, Capture gives schools the ability to more effectively target and recruit potential students, all while gaining leverageable behavioral insights.

Prior to founding Capture, Steve spent time in executive positions at The Learning House,, and EarthLink. In true Steve Huey fashion, he opted to push the 10-word limit for question responses.

What’s the one skill every company builder should attempt to learn?

How to assemble and manage teams.

What’s the hardest question to answer when it comes to scaling a company?

How fast to grow and is a current team member up to the challenge.

What’s the one thing you look for in every new hire?

Do they “want it” or are they passionate about what they do and DO they want to get better?

What’s the most overlooked need in Louisville’s startup ecosystem?

2 things: 1. Experience building a company. 2. In-market expansionary capital (great companies find capital though).

Favorite Bourbon?

Anything John Shumate says is good.

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