By Stefan Kwiecinski

Steven is a co-founder of the newly launched SaaS startup Forecastr. His team is working to bring financial modeling and forecasting to the masses through an intuitive and affordable web platform.

Prior to Forecastr, he had co-founded the Techstars-backed startup FantasyHub — and more recently worked as an Associate here at Venture First. To mark the new founder relationship with the firm, we’ve invited him to share what he’s learned from his varied experience in company building.

What’s the one skill every company builder should attempt to learn?

Networking, human capital is the most important form of capital.

What’s the hardest question to answer when it comes to scaling a company?

What channel will drive 80% of my customer acquisition?

Who should be more involved in Louisville’s startup ecosystem?

Sean O’Leary

What’s your biggest takeaway from Techstars?

That human capital is the most important form of capital.

Favorite Bourbon?

Cream of Kentucky

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