Cordt Huneke

Cordt Huneke

Board Member

Cordt Huneke is a Member on the Venture First Board. He is also the Vice President at Blue Equity, LLC. He plays a key role in sourcing and developing new investment opportunities, as well as participating in the ongoing management and development of the company’s current holdings.

Huneke also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NetBallistics, LLC, a management company that sells, distributes, markets, and brokers products and services to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, sportsmen, law enforcement agencies and the military. It currently supplies over 45,000 products and services and is rapidly expanding its offerings. NetBallistics is well positioned for growth with a management team with over 40 years of industry experience.

Huneke was President of KAI Digital Media, LLC, a digital media marketing and communications firm. Launched in 2006, KAI Digital Media installed, integrated, and operated digital media communications networks for companies and organizations to improve their communications and advertising. Prior to KAI, Huneke worked for Northwestern Mutual as an Estate Planner for high net-worth individuals.

Huneke earned a B.A. degree from the University of Richmond with focuses in Finance, Marketing, and International Business. He also attended Executive Educational Programs at the Executive MBA Schools of Wharton, Harvard, and the University of Chicago. Huneke is the oldest of the sixth generation of the founder of Brown-Forman, one of the top ten largest spirits companies in the world. Huneke is very active in philanthropy and serves on the boards of many different charitable organizations.

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