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3 Hidden Risks of 409A Non-Compliance

These days, it seems like everyone is offering some kind of valuation service.  From well-known fintech brands, to local merchant banks, firms have been quick to capitalize on this growing opportunity to supplement sales with complementary 409A valuation esrvices as firms continue to stay private longer.  However, as we have discussed in previous series, not

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An Introduction to Success Fees and the Lehman Formula

Congratulations!  After grueling years spent building your business from the ground up, you are in a sale process.  If this is your first time going through this kind of process, the fees can be eye watering: lawyers, accountants, and investment bankers, to name a few.  How can you make sense of this, and whether you

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EQL Games secures $2M in fresh capital — here are the details

That was the inspiration behind EQL Games, a live sports lottery startup that has developed a series of quick-pick-style games designed to get casual and dedicated fans alike in on the excitement. Unlike traditional sports betting, EQL Games offers games of chance — meaning you don’t have to be an expert on the sport to win.

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Intel, GoodMaps Collaborate On Mapping Software Project To Make Indoor Navigation More Accessible

Shortly after Christmas, chipmaker giant Intel published a press release in which they announced a collaboration with GoodMaps to “deliver a high-quality indoor way-finding solution for people who are Blind or visually impaired.” GoodMaps makes mapping technology useful to the Blind and low vision, touting precision accuracy of within a few feet using image recognition and LiDAR. The project

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Why Get a Professional 409a Valuation?

Venture First supports entrepreneurs, VC Portfolios, Family Offices and Estates with the many facets that go into their valuation. Many of the companies Venture First works with use equity as a form of compensation. Doing so has tax ramifications for both the Company and the employee.  Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 409a requires that equity-based compensation,

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