Transaction Services

Venture First offers transaction advisory services to help leading venture-stage and middle-market companies navigate complex transactions.  Whether a client needs advice buying, selling, merging companies or support raising equity or debt capital, Venture First has deep experience in transaction strategy and execution.

Why Effective Transaction Services Matter:

Most transactions are extremely time-consuming. Having a partner who helps navigate the process allows owners and executives to focus on running their company. Between crafting compelling materials, using complex data sources to source industry data, building a data room, and managing the communication process, running a transaction can be a full-time job. Furthermore, most transaction parties need to continue to work together after the transaction; Venture First can play “bad cop” when necessary, allowing parties to maintain a friendly post-deal relationship.

Why Venture First:

Much of the skill that is developed in transaction services comes from past deal repetitions and learning from “battle scars.” Venture First and its team have performed countless M&A deals and capital raises for venture-stage clients. By running companies and leading numerous transactions, VF’s transaction advisory professionals can help you craft the best deal for you and your stakeholders.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Venture First. They sharpened our financial focus and built the internal structure we needed to prepare us for the next phase of growth.”

—Brad Cummings, CEO Eql Grey
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“Venture First and their brilliant team provided both the financial and strategic leadership for Aperity’s next amazing chapters in life.”

—John Madalon, CEO Logof2
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