Valuation Services

Corporate Planning

The business valuation practice within Venture First supports and reinforces our core competency as an integrated service provider to businesses in all phases of the entrepreneurial life cycle.

We frequently consult with businesses regarding buy-sell procedures, financing options, M&A opportunities and exit strategies. Partnering with the Venture First Transaction Services Team, we develop valuation scenarios that consider potential synergies, capital market conditions and optimal transaction structures. For Asset sales of C Corporations, we work with founders to evaluate whether personal goodwill exists and can be separately valued to realize significant tax savings.

Engage Our Experts for:

– Valuation of intellectual property
– Valuation of assets and liabilities for bankruptcy and restructuring activities
– Valuation for capital raise support
– Employee stock ownership feasibility studies, fairness opinions, annual updates and dissolution
– Buy-Sell agreements: initial valuations and updates
– Fairness and Solvency Opinions

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