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Estate & Gift Planning

Many closely-held businesses do not engage in adequate succession planning because it is difficult and complex. Venture First partners with the most capable wealth and estate planning professionals to perform reliable valuations of business entities and important business assets on behalf of their clients.

Obtaining current valuations can help business owners in many ways. The information gathering and analysis process can reveal information about the strengths and weaknesses of business operations and record keeping practices.

In addition to determining an accurate and supportable valuation, Venture First adds value by drawing attention to opportunities to improve operations and profitability. In 2018 the Internal Revenue Service finalized regulations defining the required elements of a qualified appraisal. If the Service disqualifies the appraisal, the taxpayer’s gift tax return may be disallowed.

A qualified appraisal is an appraisal document prepared in accordance with generally accepted appraisal standards. The standards are codified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”), as developed by the Appraisal Standards Board of the Appraisal Foundation. Qualified appraisers hold credentials in business valuation from recognized professional organizations with rigorous professional and ethical standards. Venture First valuation team members hold CFA and ASA designations.

Engage our Experts for:

– Valuation of interests in family limited partnerships (FLPs) and limited liability companies
– Valuation of interests in closely held operating companies
– Valuation of general and limited partner holdings in private equity and venture capital funds
– Valuation of carried interest in private equity funds

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