Valuation Services

Financial Reporting

Venture First brings decades of finance and accounting expertise to support valuations for financial reporting.

Our senior team members regularly participate in best practice forums to ensure the most up to date guidance is incorporated in our valuations. Our work is regularly reviewed by all of the big four public accounting firms and many regional and local firms. Our engagement management practices ensure that audit teams, company management and Venture First project leaders agree on the key assumptions and materiality concerns for each assignment. Our clients benefit from fast delivery timeframes and streamlined audit review cycles.

Engage our Experts for:

ASC 805: Business Combinations: We assist companies with identifying intangible assets and assigning the appropriate purchase fair value.
ASC 820: Fund Fair Value Measurement for VC and PE Portfolios: We offer third party preparation of valuation policy and regular fund reporting. We also offer third party review of internally prepared fund reporting.

We have significant expertise valuing:
– Preferred and common equity interests
– Convertible securities warrants and options
– Secured and unsecured debt instruments

Value of complex securities: preferred stock, convertible debt, and beneficial conversion features

ASC 718: Value of compensation issued as equity
ASC 360: Impairment testing of long-lived tangible and intangible assets

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